Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Buy Views on Youtube

When you have videos showing up on YouTube they only do you good if people see them.

There are a lot of different ways to get people to see your videos as you can share them on Facebook and other social media sites, do search engine optimization to them and believe it or not you can even buy YouTube views.

Many people shy away from the latter because it is a little bit of a darker method of building your YouTube rankings but is very effective. I can't say for sure it will be around forever but I can say it works very well if someone's to use that process in this day and age.

Now that is one cool warehouse!

YouTube is owned by Google and, although you might think he has the money, Donald Trump running for president, is not a part of the whole Google/YouTube Empire.

I joke about the Donald but many do and it has no place in this post but I just thought it was funny.

So if what you want to do is rank your YouTube videos be sure to learn how to how do you buy views on youtube.